Find the answers to all of your burning questions.

Can I assign a co-host?

Yes! A co-host can be assigned by the host. You can assign a co-host by going to space and adding the user.

Can I click and drag people around or stop people from moving?

Users are free to move themselves through the space just like in a real classroom.

Can I lock the break out rooms so people stay in their assigned rooms?

Breakout rooms work just like in-person breakout sessions where people can move about as they see fit.

Can I record a session?

Yes! Recording is available to the Host or Co-Host on all paid accounts. Recording is not available for trials.

Can I use InSpace on mobile or tablet?

Yes you can! You can find the InSpace app in Apple’s iOS store – available for iPhone and iPad.

Can I use InSpace outside of class time?

Yes!  InSpace is great for study groups, peer-to-peer support centers, office hours, and just about any other type of meeting.

How can I restrict access so I don’t get ‘Zoom-bombed’?

InSpace has several levels of security to help prevent intrusions into your sessions. When you create a space on the InSpace Dashboard, you can choose to make that space “Public” or restricted to a “Specific Audience”. If you leave a space Public, then anyone with the link can join the space. If you choose the “Specific Audience” option, then you can limit access to the space to either specific domain names (e.g. only people with a stanford.edu email address) or to a specific attendee list. To restrict a space to an attendee list, a host can copy and paste a list of emails into InSpace and then only folks with those email addresses will be allowed into the space.

How many people can attend a session?

In order to best replicate a learning environment, attendance is limited to 50.

What materials can I share when in the presentation room?

You can share Google Drive, PowerPoint, Screen, Miro board, video, and YouTube along with any information in a browser tab or on your desktop.