Our Story

As educators, we know, firsthand, the challenges which come with online teaching. Keeping students engaged while teaching a curriculum designed for face-to-face
learning and maintaining both an individualized and communal approach to the classroom are at the top of that list.

Long after the pandemic abates, online learning will remain embedded in both schools and universities, so these problems facing millions of students and educators aren't going away.

With our backgrounds in data science and machine learning, we knew we could help. Our solution is InSpace, a socially intuitive online learning platform. By mimicking the natural flow of a classroom through proximity-based audio, we feel it's the closest you can come to teaching face-to-face in the virtual space.

And by putting the student experience first, we've bridged the traditional classroom with the power of technology.

Our Team

Our female-led, global team has 80+ combined years of experience in education, and 140+ combined years of experience in computer science and engineering.

Dr. Narine Hall

Founder & CEO

Narine is a data-driven entrepreneur and professor of machine learning, dedicated to harnessing the power of data and technology to serve the greater good. Her career has evolved at the intersection where the tech industry meets academia. A veteran of Wolfram Research, IBM Watson, a recipient of a Google Faculty Award and NSF grants, Narine believes deeply in the democratization of technology and AI and beautiful user experiences.

Haykanush Lputyan

Founder & CTO

Haykanush is a leading software engineer specializing in delivering high-load and high-impact software products. A former software engineering technical lead at TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity solutions, she is invested in revolutionary ideas and innovative solutions. A master chess player, it’s probably not surprising that Haykanush sees her work existing where challenging technical problems intersect with rich user experiences.

Our Purpose

At InSpace, we give primacy to learning in everything we do. Our virtual communication platform is designed specifically to make teaching and learning the joyful, meaningful, and effective endeavors we know they can be. By honoring how humans interact in the real world with our human-centered, research-informed design, we enable teachers and learners to cultivate connections, support one another, and co-create engaging learning experiences.