Your Virtual Campus

Wherever you connect on campus, there’s InSpace. Use the interactive map to see how we build thriving virtual campuses.
Group of three happy students studying in a classroom setting.

Virtual Classroom

Bring the feeling of the physical classroom online with InSpace’s visually connected breakout rooms. Collaboration tools enable students to work together and engage with your curriculum. Students and teachers come to life in the human-centered learning environment!

Student in a wheelchair at a desk having a video conference meeting with a professor.

Virtual Office Hours

InSpace’s virtual office hours enable you and students to meet at times that work in your busy lives while maintaining privacy and honoring non-traditional student availability. The virtual waiting rooms give students the ability to connect spontaneously and to collaborate.

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Online Tutoring Center

Meet with tutors one-on-one or in groups to receive academic support in a private, welcoming space that encourages human connection and personalized learning assistance with resource sharing and collaboration tools.

Happy person working on a laptop with headphones around their neck.
Four people in an InSpace Discussion Room having a conversation.

Online Admissions Office

InSpace helps prospective students experience first-hand, authentic interactions with admissions office staff. You can use our human-centered video conferencing tools to conduct interviews, go on tours, or attend welcome events and panels.

Student searching for a book on filled bookshelves in a library.
Four students in two breakout rooms, working with screen share.

Virtual Library Reference Desk

InSpace gives students an easy way to connect directly with librarians for research support without having to physically enter a library. With InSpace’s collaborative shared screen options, librarians and students can view, curate, and evaluate resources together.

Four students walk with an advisor on campus
Five students meeting with a professor in InSpace on the Harvard University Campus.

Virtual Registrar’s Office

Use InSpace’s large space options to host hundreds of participants to attend majors fairs or other large events. Schedule one-on-one or small group advising sessions between students and advisors with InSpace’s virtual communication space.