Online Video Conferencing—Built for Teaching & Learning

InSpace is a virtual learning platform built by educators for educators where students and faculty can move freely, present seamlessly, and collaborate easily. InSpace creates engaging environments for virtual classroom instruction, office hours, TA sessions, coaching, study groups, labs, and more.

Proximity-Based Audio

You can have multiple concurrent conversations in one space at the same time. Hear and be heard only by those closest to you, and audio will naturally fade as you move away, mimicking real life.


Use this as a more free-flowing space to gather for a whole group conversation.


Within a breakout room all participants can be heard at once.


Communicate to everyone in the space despite your proximity to participants.

Breakout Rooms

InSpace provides breakout rooms with a revolutionary experience – each individual participant navigates freely and independently to join group conversations.

Play video iconBreakout Rooms

Work Together

Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, gather around a central screen that allows for easy sharing and collaborating.


InSpace supports integrations with PowerPoint Online, YouTube, and Miro Board.

Screen Share

Anyone can share their screen while in a space or a breakout room.

InSpace Chat

Add another dimension to your conversation with group and private chat.

Presentation Room

Have participants gather around to view shared content and discuss. Step forward to join the presentation stage, or sit next to your friends in the audience.

Play video icon Presentation Room

Put Student Engagement First

InSpace honors student agency by cultivating authentic participation and engagement based on the principles of freedom and choice. Learners on InSpace always have autonomy — they choose where to be on the screen, which conversations to join, and how to participate in their own learning environments.


Participants can wave, give thumbs up, and move around to express themselves.


Link with another participant. Confirmation required from both participants.


Request a participant join you in a breakout room or another discussion.