October 2023


  • Google Calendar Integration Directly from InSpace:
    • Hosts can now integrate their Space with Google Calendar directly during a session. This feature simplifies the process of setting a Space (including subspaces and co-hosted spaces) as the default calendar event location, ensuring seamless scheduling for users.


  • Chat Interaction and Visibility Enhancements:
    • Users can now pop out the chat into a new window or tab, giving them more screen space and focus during sessions. On Macs with full screen, a new window will open instead of a new tab.
    • When the chat is detached, and the user clicks the chat icon, the chat window will foreground, providing easy access to messages without interrupting other tasks.
    • Edited messages will now show a note indicating they’ve been modified, promoting transparency within the Space.
    • Changes in the chat sections ensure that participants see messages from others enrolled in the same section, while TAs and instructors have visibility across all sections.
  • Persistent Chat Settings:
    • Chat settings, such as enabling/disabling chat or direct messages, are now saved for future sessions to maintain consistency and save time.
    • Users will be notified of chat settings each time they join a Space, ensuring they are aware of the current configuration.


  • Experience Hub Chat Consistency:
    • The chat within the Experience Hub now functions identically to the standalone version, improving reliability and user expectations.
    • Session chats will no longer be saved once closed, preserving privacy and space.
  • Experience Hub Integration Simplification:
    • The setup of the Experience Hub for advising purposes from the CRM now creates a consistent Experience Hub across all courses where it’s installed. The integration admin, whose email is provided during setup, becomes the owner of the Hub, streamlining administration and support for unlimited users.

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