March 2022

  • Floating Gallery View allows a user who is sharing their screen to check and open Floating Gallery View. In Floating Gallery View, the video/profile picture of the user who shares and the three most recent active speakers’ videos will display in a floating tab along with the name of the user(s).
    • The host can also pin a user to the gallery view, whether their video is on or off.

  • Breakout room improvement
    • Breakout room seats will automatically adjust in size to accommodate the number of people in the room. Circles will be as big as possible.
    • When hosts open breakout rooms, all users will begin in the hallway, rather than appearing in a breakout room that might open over them by chance. This will help with seamless audio transitions and help people move to the correct room.
    • When a user is invited into a breakout room and content is being shared, they will automatically take a seat to avoid interrupting the sharing.
  • Bigger seats in the Presentation Room and Discussion Rooms – We have made the seats larger in the presentation room, which now holds 32 seats. If you have over 32 participants, the presentation room will revert back to the regular 37 seats.
  • Offer Assistance improvement
    • When Offering Assistance, the avatar will now appear as a small version of the assister’s avatar. The avatar will only be visible to the hosts and the person who is being assisted.
  • Connection issues message displayed
    • If a user leaves the space due to a network connection problem, a message will display over their circle notifying other participants that they had a network connection problem.
  • When using Invite Over to chat, the notification will persist until the invited user closes or accepts it.
  • If a user’s sharing is blocked, a pop-up will appear to direct them to system preferences to correct their settings.
  • Apply Video button in audio and video settings is more prominent.
  • Locate Me function now makes the user’s circle larger.
  • Clarified language about co-hosted spaces on the Dashboard.
  • Improved visibility when a user is broadcasting.
  • Android app release under approval by Play market
  • Share and Rename Recordings – From your Dashboard (or LMS, if applicable) you can now share and rename recordings. You can also see recordings shared with you.
    • Hosts can share recordings to:
      • an individual email address
      • the whole class (for LMS users)
      • the public, by sharing the recording link (links are public unless disabled)
    • On the Dashboard, users can share their recordings via:
      • Email (typing an individual’s email triggers an email notification. That user can then go to their Dashboard to view the recording).
      • Shareable link (links are public and can be copy-and-pasted to share with anyone)
    • All users have three recordings tabs
      • My Recordings are those recordings created by the user
      • Shared with Me are those recordings another user has shared via email
      • All Recordings includes My Recordings and Shared with Me
    • Canvas only – for Web and iOS
      • New design and icon for recording on Canvas
      • Professors can now invite a non-Canvas-registered guest to their classroom or office.
        • Guests will receive an email notification. Access persists until the professor removes access in the InSpace Canvas Portal.
    • Saved Room Configuration and Saved Content – Save your classroom configuration (background image, breakout rooms, breakout room names) so it’s ready to go for your next class. In addition, Google Docs, YouTube Videos, Miro Boards and Cloud PPT that were displayed when you close a session will continue displaying when you return to the space.
    • 12 new higher contrast colors for Annotation while screen sharing.
    • Upload Avatar has been changed to Upload Profile Picture.
    • iOS users can now annotate using their iPads and iPhones.

February 2022

  • Clarified language on homepage after creating an account. All InSpace accounts can join sessions. Users wanting to host sessions and access the InSpace Dashboard are cued to contact the InSpace sales team.
  • Canvas only – For courses with more than one instructor, students can click Next Office to view each instructor’s office and attend office hours.
  • iOS release updates:
    • Hosts can mute other participants in the app
    • Users can invite over other participants by tapping on the user’s circle.
    • When leaving the space, users will see a message explaining why, such as: Host ended the session, You left the space, Network issue.
    • Users can log out while in a session.

January 2022

  • Canvas only – Student Space
    • Students have 24/7 access to the Student Space.
    • From Canvas, users can see that other users are in the Student Space.
    • Some features are restricted, but otherwise, the Student Space operates in the same way as a traditional default space.
      • Students cannot upload or change the background pictures
      • Students cannot mute others
      • Students can open breakout rooms, but cannot rename them.
  • Hosts can activate the Display Attendee Names feature to show attendee names below their circles for all users.
  • The option to share computer audio while sharing full screen, window, or tab is available for Windows. MacBook and Linux can share computer audio when sharing a tab.
  • Users who are added as a co-host will receive a notification email including a link to the space.
  • When users are in the main room and someone begins sharing their screen, a presentation room automatically opens.
  • Improved user experience for shared screens while in breakout rooms.
  • Recording improvements, including automatic time zone adjustments to recording names and labeled tabs to aid in recording a tab.

December 2021

  • Ability to download a chat
  • Ability to add a co-host  
  • Notification when the user is in another tab and a recording or screen sharing stops.
  • InSpace is supported in the Brave browser.

November 2021

  • Auditorium space is now available for select accounts
  • Alert when a user tries to join multiple sessions

October 2021

  • There is a thumbnail when sharing space/dashboard/landing page URL
  • Chat hotkeys updated
  • Ability to view unread messages
  • Ability to see all users in a conference space
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Canvas only – Ability to hide and show TAs

September 2021

  • Implementation of dominant speaker and video activity to improve user experience
  • Removal of the 30 video limitation, with increasing quality
  • Ability to add a co-host from within the space in addition to from the host dashboard
  • Improved reporting to improve user experience when reporting a bug
  • Release of Blackboard LMS integration

August 2021

  • Release of Canvas LMS integration
  • Improvements for user experience (e.g. updating foot to allow for easier access to user dashboard)
  • Audible alert when a participants joins a space and you are on a different tab in your browser

July 2021

  • Updated hotkeys to eliminate the logic errors with browser commands
  • Show attendees within each space in the conference lobby
  • Implemented an optional 3 day trial extension
  • Increased storage capacity from 7 to 30 days
  • Added blurred background option for videos
  • Added mirrored option for videos

June 2021

  • Implemented a notification when a participant leaves a space
  • Implemented toggle view for host dashboard
  • Implemented larger video size in the main space
  • Implemented the assistance feature via the participant list
  • Implemented audible notification when a participant cancels assistance, “<NAME> is no longer assisting you.”
  • Changed to automatic seating in the presentation and discussion rooms to clear the presentation/screen share space immediately

May 2021

  • StreamText integration is now available for those with accounts
  • Hosts are now able to assign a live transcriber to provide closed captioning in a space
  • Implemented the attendee list
  • Participants can now upload an avatar picture to use when their video is off
  • Implemented an age gate at log-in to comply with child protection regulations

April 2021

  • Adjusted video default placement upon entry
  • Implemented “bumper car” effect to prevent videos from overlapping
  • Background gallery images are now associated with the host, not the space
  • Implemented mic/cam testing at login page
  • Released Google Calendar Add-on in Google Marketplace
  • Resolved static noise
  • Implemented recording feature
  • Implemented confirmation gate when removing a participant from the space
  • Implemented a locator button to quickly find yourself in a space

March 2021

  • Implemented checkbox option to assign breakout room numbers
  • Added a time out to the raise hand feature
  • InSpace users migration to HubSpot
  • Exception page added with report dialog, which would be shown in case of the crash
  • Implemented multiple video pin option for accessibility
  • Implemented an audio/visual cue and notification to join presentation and discussion rooms
  • Resolved audio disturbances on iOS devices
  • Implemented a performance optimization for iOS to account for video circle size

February 2021

  • Refined popups and tooltips style made consistent and box-shadow added to ensure they are visible on light backgrounds
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in tooltips
  • Added fields to CRM – last login, registered, joined
  • Implemented message for space limit (50 people)