December 2021

  • Ability to download a chat
  • Ability to add a co-host  
  • Notification when the user is in another tab and a recording or screen sharing stops.
  • InSpace is supported in the Brave browser.

November 2021

  • Auditorium space is now available for select accounts
  • Alert when a user tries to join multiple sessions

October 2021

  • There is a thumbnail when sharing space/dashboard/landing page URL
  • Chat hotkeys updated
  • Ability to view unread messages
  • Ability to see all users in a conference space
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Canvas only – Ability to hide and show TAs

September 2021

  • Implementation of dominant speaker and video activity to improve user experience
  • Removal of the 30 video limitation, with increasing quality
  • Ability to add a co-host from within the space in addition to from the host dashboard
  • Improved reporting to improve user experience when reporting a bug
  • Release of Blackboard LMS integration

August 2021

  • Release of Canvas LMS integration
  • Improvements for user experience (e.g. updating foot to allow for easier access to user dashboard)
  • Audible alert when a participants joins a space and you are on a different tab in your browser

July 2021

  • Updated hotkeys to eliminate the logic errors with browser commands
  • Show attendees within each space in the conference lobby
  • Implemented an optional 3 day trial extension
  • Increased storage capacity from 7 to 30 days
  • Added blurred background option for videos
  • Added mirrored option for videos

June 2021

  • Implemented a notification when a participant leaves a space
  • Implemented toggle view for host dashboard
  • Implemented larger video size in the main space
  • Implemented the assistance feature via the participant list
  • Implemented audible notification when a participant cancels assistance, “<NAME> is no longer assisting you.”
  • Changed to automatic seating in the presentation and discussion rooms to clear the presentation/screen share space immediately

May 2021

  • StreamText integration is now available for those with accounts
  • Hosts are now able to assign a live transcriber to provide closed captioning in a space
  • Implemented the attendee list
  • Participants can now upload an avatar picture to use when their video is off
  • Implemented an age gate at log-in to comply with child protection regulations

April 2021

  • Adjusted video default placement upon entry
  • Implemented “bumper car” effect to prevent videos from overlapping
  • Background gallery images are now associated with the host, not the space
  • Implemented mic/cam testing at login page
  • Released Google Calendar Add-on in Google Marketplace
  • Resolved static noise
  • Implemented recording feature
  • Implemented confirmation gate when removing a participant from the space
  • Implemented a locator button to quickly find yourself in a space

March 2021

  • Implemented checkbox option to assign breakout room numbers
  • Added a time out to the raise hand feature
  • InSpace users migration to HubSpot
  • Exception page added with report dialog, which would be shown in case of the crash
  • Implemented multiple video pin option for accessibility
  • Implemented an audio/visual cue and notification to join presentation and discussion rooms
  • Resolved audio disturbances on iOS devices
  • Implemented a performance optimization for iOS to account for video circle size

February 2021

  • Refined popups and tooltips style made consistent and box-shadow added to ensure they are visible on light backgrounds
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in tooltips
  • Added fields to CRM – last login, registered, joined
  • Implemented message for space limit (50 people)