So engaging you’ll forget you’re on a video conference

Teachers know there is magic in classrooms. Your virtual classroom should have it too – that’s why there’s InSpace.

Online Teaching Shouldn’t Make You Groan

We get it: teaching over video is less than ideal. We think that’s because the tools available just weren’t made for it. And adding instructional features to them won’t fix it. So we built a totally new platform, InSpace.

InSpace reimagines what virtual learning looks like by making human connection the goal. It goes beyond teaching too. From campus tours to office hours, parent-teacher conferences, and assemblies, InSpace supports it.

You might just enjoy video conferencing after all.

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Breakout Rooms with Freedom of Movement

Students and educators alike want flexible options for meeting and collaborating in authentic ways, whether they are on or off campus. What sets apart InSpace’s virtual office hours is that students can connect not only with teachers but also with peers in the virtual hallways or waiting room, just as they would in a physical campus environment.

You’ll Be In Great Company

Join the thousands of people across the country who prefer using InSpace.

We Don’t Like to Brag, But…

Robert Rundquist of Chaffey College smiles at the camera
Robert M. Rundquist Dean of Institutional Effectiveness - Chaffey College

InSpace is a technology that’s not only simple to use, but it’s really exciting for students to use. And it’s a great way to connect with the student population even when we can’t have them on campus for all the parts of the student experience.

Chaffey college logo
Dr. David Williams Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship - University of Tennessee, Knoxville smiles at the camera
Dr. David Williams Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

In other platforms, jumping from breakout room to breakout room is awful. And there’s no way of knowing what’s happening if I’m not in the room. With InSpace, I can tell if there’s conversation going on. And I can jump in and out really easily.

University of Tennessee Knoxville logo
Dr. Kylie King Assistant Professor, Business - Champlain College

InSpace mimics the feel of the classroom by enabling me to easily join student conversations and make myself present for questions. My students and I are enjoying experimenting with this new learning environment.

Dr. Abe Rutchick Professor of Psychology, California State University, Northridge

InSpace is the only platform I’ve used that makes me feel like I’m actually there, in the room with my students – it’s the next best thing to being together in the physical world.

Dr. Ebisa Wollega Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering - Colorado State University

I like the fact that the features of InSpace are designed to represent the coziness of the classroom environment especially the ease of mobility to facilitate interactions.

Dr. Donna Rizo Professor, Engineering (CEMS) - University of Vermont

I’ll simply say InSpace overcomes some of the frustration I’ve had with creating breakout sessions for my online classes via Zoom and Teams.

Dr. Bert Vermeulen Instructor - Colorado State University

InSpace provides a natural environment that is similar to an in-person classroom, and is conducive to engaging students. In comparison to other online technologies that I’ve used, students seem to be more comfortable interacting during class, and it is also easier to manage the teaching/learning experience.

Dr. Scott Stevens Dean of ITS - Champlain College

InSpace platform provides the type of virtual meeting space we so desperately need to create the ‘feel’ and utility of a live classroom. When it comes to innovations in technology, timing is critical. This is the right technology at the right time and will have lasting repercussions long after the pandemic subsides.

Enterprise Ready

InSpace offers transformative online learning experiences not only for individual teachers and classes, but also for whole institutions or learning communities looking for large-scale virtual communication solutions.

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