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Three students smiling and pointing at laptop screen.

H-D Breakout Room Assignments

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne from the University of Vermont suggested the option of randomly assigning numbers to participants to determine the breakout room they should go to first.

Group of five happy and laughing students collaborating in the library.

Zolot’s Amphitheater Seating

Ken Zolot from MIT recommended that we use dynamic sizing to automatically adjust a participant’s circle when they “take a seat” for a presentation.

Three students smiling and pointing at laptop screen.

Professor Hall’s Hand

Brian Hall of Champlain College helped us enhance our “raise hand” feature by adding animation that made it feel more authentic…and just a little bit more fun, too!

Two students smiling and looking at laptop screen in a student lounge.

The Gordon Toxicity Filter

Josh Gordon, Associate in Computer Science, Columbia University and Open source Deep Learning at Google suggested we use machine learning to identify toxic messages in the chat and warn the participants before they send it to others.

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