InSpace — and life — is better with other people to share the experience. Come join us live on the InSpace platform to learn and connect with the virtual community we’re proud to be a part of. We’re building the future of learning here, and we invite you to stop by whenever you can to share input or simply say hello.

InSpace Orientation. We’re really excited to help you get started the right way with InSpace — and this quick orientation will do just that! 

We’ll show you around and give you tips to make your gatherings more connected and collaborative.  

Wednesdays at 2 pm ET/11 am PT

Image shows two people waving and looking happy while in InSpace circles, superimposed over a background of a compass.

Back Pocket Backgrounds. Ready to make the switch to InSpace, but not sure how to start? 

Try Back Pocket Backgrounds to support community building and making content connections. 

Back Pocket Backgrounds pair well with Proximity Audio to bring natural conversational routines to your classroom. First Wednesdays at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT. Image shows a class moving to 4 corners to vote on a question.

Build a better breakout. Tired of blank Squares 'n' Stares? 

Make learning visible for your students with connected breakout rooms.

Join our workshop to practice strategies for facilitating engaging, memorable sessions where everyone contributes meaningfully.

Second Wednesdays at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT

Illustration shows a class broken up into 4 breakout rooms working on a collaborative activity.

Shifting the Cognitive Load. 

Effective instruction doesn’t happen without building a strong classroom community. 

We’ll show you how to start small with interactive low-stakes activities to build student confidence. 

Try out brain-based learning strategies based on neuroscience and culturally responsive pedagogy that frame the instructor as a facilitator and help students shoulder the cognitive load.

Third Wednesdays at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT

Illustration shows a class working independently in breakout rooms on collaborative activities.

Workshop title: Building Community Beyond Icebreakers. 

Instill community habits for learning from Day One. 

Icebreakers aren't about being nice – and they shouldn't be seen as optional. 

Learn how to use icebreakers as competence-building metacognitive learning opportunities that build cultural competence, support community-building goals, and scaffold pedagogical tasks.

Fourth Wednesdays at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT

Illustration shows a group engaged in a community building activity on a background with the prompt, "Gather with people who..."

Fresh Features Friday Event. 

Join us for a live exploration of all the new features released on the InSpace platform this month! 

We're so excited to share the results of our hard work with you and hear your feedback on the platform.

Last Fridays at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT