September 24, 2021

The ‘Socially Sensitive’ Alternative To Zoom Fatigue

In this Forbes article, read how ‘Zoom Fatigue’ encouraged InSpace to rethink virtual education and bring back the human experience.

As an educator, Dr. Narine Hall, professor of data science and machine learning at Champlain College and co-founder of InSpace, saw the vast deficiencies of the Zoom classroom and how it was removing the human experience from learning. 

From her involvement in the classroom and with technology, she set about to create a platform that more closely mimics the fluid nature and interactivity of in-person learning.

“You get social cues through movement of video circles, like when I come close to someone, they know I want to talk to them. It’s a socially sensitive platform.”

This lack of human cues and interaction was the spark for the creation of InSpace. 

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