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InSpace is a video conferencing platform built by educators for teaching and learning.

Our top priority is to cultivate highly engaging learning experiences by honoring the authentic human presence of teachers and learners in virtual environments. InSpace’s research-informed design gives you opportunities to interact in the same ways you would in a physical classroom: the freedom to move around the screen, to join small group conversations within larger learning spaces, to enter and leave visually-connected breakout rooms at any time, and to collaborate virtually with peers.

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Connect Naturally.

Present Seamlessly.

Collaborate Easily.

Experience the freedom of movement and sense of connection that InSpace creates!

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InSpace is offering a 2-month free trial to the ShowMe Community.  Simply enter your details below, and we’ll send you more information about getting your account set up!

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InSpace is currently in over 120 schools across the country, and is growing rapidly.

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