InSpace in Your LMS

InSpace is an easy to use pedagogical tool that enables students and teachers to engage in a virtual classroom the same way that they would in a physical classroom. InSpace brings connectedness, authentic conversations, and collaboration into your courses, and now, from right within your LMS!

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InSpace makes teaching and learning…


“It encourages me to stay on screen. I don’t want to look away – I’m here, I’m participating, and I can see things are happening. I want to be a part of this [lesson]! I’ve never seen anything like this.”

— Eddie, Instructure


“I love that I can see which of my students are in the study space from within Canvas. I can pop in to say “hello” – even if I’m not part of a conversation, I can see who is working together.”

— Emily, UC Berkeley


“InSpace has brought my shy students out from behind their computer screens. Cameras are on, and students are talking to each other – this brought our group work to the next level.”

— Stephanie, Jamestown Community College

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