Three people inside InSpace circles are waving and smiling. They are shown in front of a green and yellow gradient background and a dendrite graphic.

May 10, 2023

Boost Your Teaching Impact with InSpace: Neuroscience-Inspired Classroom Tools

Say goodbye to awkward audio and hello to context-based backgrounds and student autonomy

Your classroom tools should increase the impact of your teaching–not be blockers to work around. It’s time to move past class sessions spent endlessly talking without collaborating and creating alongside your students.

🧠 What do brains love about InSpace? Boost the impact of your teaching sessions with these three neuroscience-inspired InSpace features. Check out our list. 

  1. Proximity audio-based discussion groups – InSpace technology treats audio in a totally different way from every other platform. Proximity audio allows for multiple conversations to take place at the same time in class sessions. And best of all, when two people are speaking at the same time, InSpace doesn’t ‘cut off’ one speaker’s audio and push the other into the ‘spotlight’. That’s called overlapping audio, and in physical spaces it’s the human urge to nod, ‘mmmhmmm’, and nonverbally nudge a conversation along. It’s infectious energy, and it’s impossible to build on most video conferencing platforms without causing an awkward moment for the speakers. Just ask anyone who’s ever accidentally sneezed with their mic on. 🤧
  2. Context-based backgrounds – Brains LOVE stories, especially with pictures. Tell your students’ brains a story using InSpace’s custom backgrounds feature. Upload a background featuring your course content distilled into a diagram, or use a surprising image to associate a key concept. Check out dual coding theory or the picture superiority effect to learn more. 🖼️
  3. Student autonomy – Everyone in an InSpace session engages on their own terms and in multiple modes, which can decrease the likelihood of burnout and disengagement, and supports self-regulation and focus. Additionally, because InSpace provides a full-context classroom experience rather than showcasing camera feeds front-and-center (where the human brain is primed to track them regardless of the classroom context), students can direct their attention where it matters most – whether that’s shared content, collaborative work, or conversations. 🤓

InSpace offers a unique and effective set of tools designed to enhance the impact of your teaching sessions. Using proximity audio-based discussion groups, context-based backgrounds, and student autonomy, InSpace supports immersive and engaging classroom experiences that foster creativity, collaboration, and deep learning. By leveraging insights from neuroscience, InSpace provides a platform that treats audio differently, taps into the power of storytelling, and supports students’ ability to direct their attention where it matters most. As educators strive to create effective and engaging online learning environments, InSpace offers a powerful toolset that can help them achieve their goals.

We hope you will join us as we reimagine the future of online education together.