How can I restrict access so I don’t get ‘Zoom-bombed’?

InSpace has several levels of security to help prevent intrusions into your sessions. When you create a space on the InSpace Dashboard, you can make that space “Public” or restricted to a “Specific Audience”. If you leave a space Public, anyone with the link can join. If you choose the “Specific Audience” option, then you can limit access to the space to either specific domain names (e.g. only a certain email’s domain) or to a specific attendee list. To restrict a space to an attendee list, a host can copy and paste a list of emails into InSpace and then only folks with those email addresses will be allowed into the space. At any point in a session, an unwelcome guest exhibiting inappropriate behavior can be removed from the session and prevented from returning by clicking ‘Remove’ and checking a box to remove them for the remainder of the session.