March 26, 2021

How do I add an InSpace link to my Calendar?

You can add an InSpace link to a calendar event by copying and pasting the space link or by using our Google Calendar add-on.

Google Calendar Add-On

If you use Google Calendar to manage your events, you can use our add-on to make attaching a space to an event easy.

Open Google Calendar and either click on the + in the right sidebar or the settings gear and select “Get add-ons.”



Search “InSpace” and then install the add-on.



When you create a new event, click the drop down arrow next to “Add Google Meet video conferencing and select “InSpace.”


If you are not logged in, you will see the following message.



To log in, click the InSpace add-on in the right sidebar.



You will be asked to authenticate your account. Once logged in, you will see the InSpace add-on details in the right sidebar.



Click the drop down arrow next to “Add Google Meet video conferencing and select “InSpace.” A new space will be created for the event and you will now see the “Join Space” link in the event.


If you visit your Host View in InSpace, you will see the newly created calendar space.


Copy and Paste Link

If you have already created a space in your Host View and just want to add it to a calendar event in any calendar program, it is easy to just copy and past the link into the event.

To find the link, go to your host view and find the desired space. You can either copy just the link, or the invitation text.



Once you have copied the link or invitation text to the clipboard, you can go to your calendar event and paste the information. Here we show pasting the link in Apple Calendar.


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