Invite a Guest to the Classroom with Canvas

Looking to invite a guest or speaker to your classroom? The following steps will allow you to do so in your Canvas course.

When you invite a guest to join your InSpace classroom, they will receive an email with a link to “Join the Classroom.” When the guest clicks the link, they will be directed to create an InSpace account or sign in if they already have an account.

Steps to Invite Guest to Classroom:

  1. When logged into the InSpace Canvas portal, click on the Classroom.
  2. Click Invite Guests.
  3. A pop-up will open to add the guest email (or multiple emails).
  4. A box will appear to add a message (that will be included on the email) to the guest.
  5. Click Done to send the invite.
  6. You can remove a guest by clicking Invite Guests and clicking ‘Remove’ next to the email.

Click Here to Watch a quick video on how to invite a guest to join your InSpace Classroom.

Chat for Invited Guests:

When the invited guest joins the classroom, they will not have any host permissions. The chat is also disabled for them. If the guest clicks the chat, they will see the message, “Classroom chat is disabled for guests.”

If you need additional help, please contact InSpace Support.

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