Breakout Rooms

InSpace provides breakout rooms in which each participant navigates freely and independently to join group conversations.

On InSpace, breakout rooms appear as small boxes on the screen. All participants can see the rooms on their screen, and can move themselves freely between them. When you are the host of an InSpace session, you can create your own breakout rooms.

How to Create Breakout Rooms

  1. Click on the “Setup Space” icon in the host control toolbar.
  2. Choose the breakout room configuration you would like to use. You can choose from the following options:
    • No room – keep your space free of breakout rooms
    • Presentation room – create one big room in your space with a seating row around the sides that automatically seats all participants in the space. This room is ideal for giving presentations to a group.
    • Discussion room – create one big room without a required seating area for participants. The discussion room is useful for smaller meetings or conversations in which you may not necessarily be giving a presentation (although you can still present in this space).
    • Breakout rooms from 2-10 rooms. Choose the number of breakout rooms you would like to use for your space.
  3. To remove breakout rooms, select “No room” in the “Setup Space” host control toolbar.

How to Join and Use Breakout Rooms

  1. When the space host creates breakout rooms, the rooms will appear automatically on the screen.
  2. If the host has chosen to randomly assign participants to a breakout room, participants will receive a notification telling them which room they have been assigned to join. They can join their assigned room or another room if they so choose.
  3. If the host has not assigned participants to a breakout room, they will not receive a notification. They can join any room you choose.
  4. To enter a breakout room, click and hold your cursor over your video and drag it into the space you wish to join. Release your cursor once you have arrived in your breakout room.
  5. Hosts and participants can move to any room they choose at any time.
  6. Audio is sealed within each breakout room, so participants will only hear audio from other participants in their same breakout room. They can see all of the rooms on the screen at all times.
  7. If any participant uses broadcast mode, everyone can hear that person’s audio regardless of whether they are in the same breakout room or not.



If you need additional help, please contact InSpace Support.

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