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How can I prepare participants who have never been to an InSpace meeting before?

One of the great things about InSpace is that it is browser-based, so there's no need to download additional applications to participate in meetings. There are a few things you and your participants can check ahead of time.

How can I upload an image to my avatar?

While in a session, you have the ability to upload an image to your InSpace avatar! This image will be shown during the session if your video is on mute.

How do I add an InSpace link to my Calendar?

You can add an InSpace link to a calendar event by copying and pasting the space link or by using our Google Calendar add-on.

How do I assign Co-Hosts to Spaces?

After you create a space from your host dashboard, you have the ability to assign co-hosts to that space. Co-hosts have the same permissions as a host which include recording, starting and ending meetings, and creating breakout rooms.

How do I change my background?

With InSpace, there are a number of preloaded background pictures to choose from including Nature, Education, Leisure and Abstract images. You can also upload your own image!

How do I create an account with InSpace?

Before you join an InSpace session, you will have to create a free account! It is quick and easy, just follow these steps below.

How do I record a class or event?

A walkthrough of how InSpace recording works.

What is the K-12 Privacy Statement with InSpace?

Please see below the full K-12 Schools Privacy Statement.