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Accessibility for Live Chat

Do you have a question and would like to chat with an InSpace specialist?

Checklist to Troubleshoot Audio / Video Errors.

The errors you are experiencing could be due to your system admin settings, please reach out to for further assistance if you are not able to troubleshoot using the following list items below.

How can I ask for assistance while in a session?

One feature on InSpace is the 'Buddy on the Shoulder' option, which allows anyone with accessibility needs to be directly linked to a fellow participant. This allows any individual to have a guide, aide, or peer support as they navigate.

How can I book a demo to see the platform?

Our demos will give you an orientation of InSpace, highlighting our innovative features like breakout rooms and collaborative screen sharing!

How can I prepare participants who have never been to an InSpace meeting before?

One of the great things about InSpace is that it is browser-based, so there's no need to download additional applications to participate in meetings. There are a few things you and your participants can check ahead of time.

How can I setup an Onboarding call?

Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer, our onboarding sessions will take you through all the features of your account and get you setup for success!

How can I upload an image to my avatar?

While in a session, you have the ability to upload an image to your InSpace avatar! This image will be shown during the session if your video is on mute.

How do I add an InSpace link to my Calendar?

You can add an InSpace link to a calendar event by copying and pasting the space link or by using our Google Calendar add-on.

How do I assign Co-Hosts to Spaces?

After you create a space from your host dashboard, you have the ability to assign co-hosts to that space. Co-hosts have the same permissions as a host which include recording, starting and ending meetings, and creating breakout rooms.

How do I change my background?

With InSpace, there are a number of preloaded background pictures to choose from including Nature, Education, Leisure and Abstract images. You can also upload your own image!

How do I create an account with InSpace?

Before you join an InSpace session, you will have to create a free account! It is quick and easy, just follow these steps below.

How do I join a space?

The space host will provide you with a URL to join.

How do I record a class or event?

A walkthrough of how InSpace recording works.

How do I share a Google Slide presentation through InSpace?

Want to show a Google Presentation to your participants? Here are the steps for how to set up a Google Slide presentation using InSpace.

How do I share a PowerPoint presentation through InSpace?

You can now share and control your PowerPoint presentation directly through InSpace.

How to Activate InSpace in Canvas for Faculty

Listed below are faculty resources for activating InSpace in Canvas.

How to Activate InSpace in Canvas for Students

Listed below are student resources for activating InSpace in Canvas for your courses.

How to Assign Sub-Accounts as a Group Administrator

This process shows how you can add sub-accounts to your group license as the Group Administrator.

InSpace LTI 1.3 Configuration for Canvas

InSpace LTI 1.3 Configuration Instructions. If you have any support questions, or need further assistance please email

InSpace Supports Apple’s iOS App

The InSpace app is available to download from the App Store, and works for both the iPhone and iPad. Search 'InSpace Proximity' when in the App store to download.

InSpace Supports the Firefox Browser

InSpace is compatible with the Firefox web browser. Here are a few tips to know when using InSpace with Firefox.

Is Live Captioning available in a session?

Live captioning is an accessibility feature of InSpace where you can assign an individual to provide live transcription.

My camera and microphone aren’t working…

InSpace allows you to select which camera and microphone you want to use while in the space. However, in some cases InSpace may not automatically detect a camera or microphone, or the devices could be blocked.

What browser should I use with InSpace?

InSpace currently supports the Google Chrome browser and Firefox for personal computers. You can use the InSpace app on your iPad and iPhone by downloading it from the app store.

What is broadcasting mode?

The broadcasting feature allows anyone in the session to 'Broadcast' themselves to anyone in the space, no matter where they are located in the space.

What is the K-12 Privacy Statement with InSpace?

Please see below the full K-12 Schools Privacy Statement.

What should I know before I join my first InSpace meeting as a participant?

Watch this 2 minute video tutorial to see the basics of moving about and engaging during an InSpace class or meeting.

Where can I access the attendee list?

A great way to see who is in your current session is by accessing the attendee list feature.

Why can’t other people see my screen when I am screen sharing?

If you have issues with sharing your screen or enabling video, (e.g. you can see the shared content and the video, but others cannot) then please ask your provider's IT support to white-label following URLs:

Why don’t I have the option to share my screen?

If you are unable to share your screen, you may need to adjust your Chrome browser settings to allow for screen sharing.