August 3, 2021

InSpace LTI 1.3 Configuration for Canvas

InSpace LTI 1.3 Configuration Instructions. If you have any support questions, or need further assistance please email

  1. Navigate to Developer Keys in your root account in Canvas.
  2. Click on the “+ Developer Key” button.
  3. Choose “+ LTI Key” option.
  4. Fill the “Key Name” field with “InSpace Key”.
  5. Select “Enter URL” as “Method”.
  6. In the “JSON URL” field paste this url:
  7. Click “Save”.
  8. Set state to ON for “InSpace Key” developer key.
  9. Copy number from Details column, this is your “Client ID”.

    Now you can install the LTI into any sub-account of your choosing

  10. Navigate to Account Settings.
  11. Select Apps tab, then click View App Configurations
  12. Click on “+Add”.
  13. Select “By Client ID:” as Configuration Type.
  14. Paste in the Client ID you copied in step 9 into the Client ID Field.
  15. Click Submit.
  16. Click Install.
  17. Click on Gear, select Deployment Id.
  18. Share Client ID, Deployment Id and Canvas URL securely with InSpace. InSpace will need to enable the integration on our end, using this information, in order to complete the integration.