August 17, 2021

How do I share a PowerPoint presentation through InSpace?

You can now share and control your PowerPoint presentation directly through InSpace.

Powerpoint Instructions for InSpace

  1. In PowerPoint, please select the ‘Slide Show’ menu on the top of your presentation. 
  2. Select, ‘Set Up Slide Show
  3. In the ‘Show Type’ options, select ‘Browsed by Individual (Window)’ and click ‘Ok.’
    1. This option allows you to get out of full screen mode, to give you a different window of the presentation to go between the browser PowerPoint tab and the newly created side window more effectively. 
  4. Select the ‘Present Online’ option
    1. Choose Office Presentation Service
    2. Select ‘Connect
      1. If you DO NOT see the Present Online option, this means you are either using a Mac product, not a Windows user or are not signed in to the Microsoft office application using your Microsoft account. Please complete steps 1-3 and follow along here for further instructions.
  5. Copy the Link provided
  6. Go back to your InSpace Browser tab
  7. Select ‘Start Sharing’ and select ‘Cloud PowerPoint
    1. Paste the link in the URL 
    2. Your PowerPoint will now show as full screen in InSpace
  8. You can then find the new window from step 3, and resize this window for the slide show to go back and forth between the slides.

If you do not see the Present Online option…

  1. Complete steps 1-3 above
  2. Click back to your open InSpace tab on your browser
  3. Click Start Sharing / Screen Share / Window
    1. Find the new Open Window of your PowerPoint Presentation to share.
  4. You can resize the window so that way you can see your current InSpace session, but also click back and forth between the slides that are being shared.