🚀 Start Here: InSpace Basics

Welcome to InSpace!

If you are just getting started, this is a great place to begin your journey.

Check out our short video introduction to InSpace features such as movement, proximity audio, and more (01:31).

Next, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the user interface.

Session View

A product mock up of the InSpace session shows the host control toolbar and user toolbars, as well as open breakout rooms. The attendee list is open on the right side. All of the buttons and functions are labeled with their name.

All session attendees have access to the toolbars and controls on the right side. The host control toolbar is only visible to the session’s host and includes additional functions such as the ability to open breakout rooms, record sessions, and change the space backgrounds.

Licensed users also have access to the Dashboard, where they can create spaces, launch sessions, and access session recordings.

Dashboard View

A screenshot of the InSpace Host Dashboard shows one space card and the link to join the space, as well as a menu of options for the host. All of the links and buttons are labeled with their function in order to teach the user how to navigate this part of the app.


Eager to host your first InSpace session?

Use InSpace to schedule, manage, and join lively dynamic meetings via Google Calendar using our Google Calendar extension!