Screen Sharing

Learn how to share your screen or content from your computer with other participants in your InSpace session.

On the InSpace platform, you can share your screen, a tab on your browser, a Google drive document, a collaborative whiteboard, videos, and presentations.

To share your screen on InSpace, follow these steps:

  1. Click the arrow or “Share” icon in the toolbar
  2. In the popup window, choose the sharing option you prefer.
    • Screen share – share your entire screen, an open window on your computer, or a tab on your browser. Note: Use this option for presenting any Google Drive documents you don’t want your participants to collaborate on directly, such as Slides during a lecture.
    • Google Drive – share documents, sheets, and slides from Google Drive so that all participants can collaborate on the document. Note: Please ensure that you have checked the editing or viewing access rights to your document before sharing it with participants.
    • Miro Board – share a collaborative whiteboard where participants can draw, type, and create together.
    • YouTube – share a video with participants.
    • Video – share a second video camera input from your computer with participants in your session
  3. To stop sharing your screen, click the blue button with the text “Stop sharing” at the top of your screen or click the “Share” icon again.



If you need additional help, please contact InSpace Support.

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