Presenting Slides with Google Slides

Want to present Google Slides to your participants? Here are the steps for sharing a Google Slides presentation using InSpace.

Google Slides can be presented to participants on InSpace by sharing your screen or tab. You can share your slides in the main room, the Presentation Room, the Discussion Room, or in Breakout Rooms. While in the Breakout Room setup, presentations can be shown to the whole space or presented inside an individual breakout room by the host or a participant. Any user may share one of their tabs at a time in a space. To present your Google Slides, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to InSpace and start a session
  2. If you want to share your slides in the main room of your space with no breakout rooms created, skip to step 5. 
  3. Click the “setup space” icon with four small squares located on the host control menu on the left of your screen. 
  4. Choose the main room, Presentation Room, Discussion Room, or Breakout Rooms.
  5. In a new tab on your browser, open a Google Slides presentation. 
  6. Find the “Slideshow” button in the top right corner of your screen, and click the dropdown menu beside it. Select Presenter view. 
  7. A new window will open up which will you can use to navigate through the slides as you present.
  8. Click back on your InSpace tab and click on the arrow icon in your toolbar to start sharing.
  9. Select “Screen Share” and “Chrome Tab” and then choose your Google Slides presentation.
  10. Click on the Presenter View window that you opened in step 6. Minimize this window and use it if desired to click through slides in your presentation. Note that participants cannot see the Presenter View window.

To stop presenting your slides, click “Stop sharing” on the top of your screen.



If you need additional help, please contact InSpace Support.

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