Join a Space

The host of an InSpace session provides participants with a URL to join.

The person who creates an InSpace meeting must share a session link with invited participants. When you have been given a link, follow these steps to join:

Step 1: Log In

Click the URL provided by the host and view the login screen. Choose from the following options to log in:

  1. (Recommended) If you have an existing Google or Microsoft personal account (not school associated), select Google or Microsoft to automatically log in using that account.
  2. If you already created an InSpace account with an email and password, type your email address in the space provided; then enter your password as directed

Step 2: Join

After logging in, you’ll see the “Join space” popup screen.

  1. Before entering the space, you can choose to mute or unmute your microphone, and to turn your video on or off.
  2. Click “Join space.”