How do I move in the Space?

In the InSpace environment, participants can freely move themselves anywhere on the screen, at any time.

When you are logged into an InSpace session, your presence is represented by a circle onscreen. This circle is where your video displays, or where your profile picture is shown if your video is turned off.

Drag-and-drop your bubble

All users on InSpace can freely move their circle around the screen at any time by using the drag-and-drop feature. To move your bubble around the screen, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to an InSpace session
  2. Hover your cursor over your bubble, click and hold
  3. Move your bubble anywhere you wish to go on the screen, then un-click and your bubble will stay where you have left it.
  4. You can repeat steps 2-3 at any time when you wish to change your position within the space.

Drag the background

If you wish to move the whole screen up or down, click outside of your circular bubble and hold. Drag up or down to move the entire screen, then un-click when you want to keep the background in position.

Keyboard controls

You can also move your circle by using the arrow keys to navigate around the screen. Zoom in and out using [ctrl +] and [ctrl -]



If you need additional help, please contact InSpace Support.

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