Broadcasting Mode

The broadcasting feature allows participants to temporarily turn off proximity audio by broadcasting themselves to anyone in the space.

Proximity Audio

The audio feature of InSpace is proximity-based. This means that you can hear a user’s audio only when you are close to that user on the screen. Proximity audio allows InSpace users to have multiple conversations in one space because they share audio only with those nearby.

Broadcast Mode

Sometimes, you may want to disable proximity audio. You can use Broadcasting Mode to do this. When you select the ‘Start Broadcasting‘ option by clicking the megaphone icon at the bottom of your screen, you will turn off your own proximity audio and will be able to make announcements or raise questions to everyone in the room even if they are not close to you on the screen.

When Broadcasting Mode is selected, you will see the megaphone icon attached to the circular video of the person speaking.

To turn off Broadcasting Mode, simply click the megaphone icon again.



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