Audio Tips for InSpace Sessions

Before you start your InSpace session, take a moment to ensure that you and everyone in your space has the best audio experience.

Tips for setting up a successful audio experience on InSpace:

  1. If possible, find a quiet room from which to log in to your InSpace session. If you’re sharing a workspace with others, using a headset can help remove as much background noise as possible.
  2. We recommend using a noise cancelling headset with a good microphone. This will improve your listening experience, and the listening experience of others in the space.
  3. Before clicking the “Join space” button, please ensure you have selected and tested the correct microphone and speaker from the dropdown menu under “Audio/video settings”
  4. Consider muting your microphone during a session if there are many participants present, or if you have background noise in your physical environment.


If you need additional help, please contact InSpace Support.

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