December 9, 2021

From Adapting to Innovating: InSpace Gathers with California Leaders at DET/CHE

InSpace had the pleasure to attend and host part of  the recent DET/CHE virtual event. The event was a vibrant gathering of educators and technologists from across the state of California. And the energy in the virtual room was high.

“The excitement at DET/CHE was energizing! It was great to connect with so many forward-thinking leaders in California and share the exciting work we’ve been doing at InSpace with them.” Narine Hall, Ph.D., CEO and Cofounder, InSpace

The theme of the event was Silver Linings: From Adapting to Innovating. And what better way to sum up the past two years. Despite the challenges and hurdles colleges and universities faced, it’s true that silver linings abound. Institutions are rethinking traditional ways of leading, working, and educating. And students are open to new educational models that blend online and in-person learning in a way that is seamless, and fits their lives. 

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to not just meet with InSpace, but to experience our video conferencing platform first hand. From birds of feather sessions to sponsor breakout rooms and booths to virtual receptions, attendees experienced what it’s like to engage with each in a truly natural way using video conferencing that’s built specifically for educators like themselves. 

InSpace took an experiential approach to our sponsorship, offering attendees a number of ways to experience InSpace firsthand. Attendees navigated through breakfast conversations, birds of a feather sessions, the sponsor expo, and social events using InSpace’s innovative video conferencing platform. 

For example, attendees joined birds of a feather breakout rooms where they shared best practices and learnings related to their areas of interests. From instructional modality and making media for MOOCs to the evolution of lab courses and developing a disruption plan, attendees could engage in conversations with their peers that felt natural. They could also see what was happening in other rooms, and could move seamlessly between them without disrupting the conversations.

Attendees also met with sponsors 1:1 and could pop into their virtual booths. And when multiple attendees were in the room together, InSpace’s proximity-based audio allowed for private conversations without disrupting others. 

During the evening reception, attendees freely moved about the virtual room, networking with peers and connecting with sponsors. To add ambiance to the event, the evening reception took place “by the fire,” so it felt like attendees were in a cozy lodge. Adding custom backgrounds like this one is easy to do using just one simple click.

“InSpace provided a uniquely natural interactive environment for many parts of the DET/CHE conference, something that delighted many of our participants.”  Robert Emery Smith, Director of Classroom Innovation, Stanford University

Our CEO and cofounder, Narine Hall, Ph.D., also shared the work InSpace is doing to make engagement in the classroom feel more organic and encouraged attendees to explore the platform throughout the event. After all, what better way to experience how InSpace creates a classroom environment that mimics a standard classroom than by experiencing it firsthand! 

The event wrapped up with a closing reception where attendees once again moved freely around the room, connecting and networking with peers and sponsors before heading “home” for the night. 

InSpace was honored to host a portion of the gatherings during the event and to connect with innovative leaders from across the state of California. We were pleased to share with you how InSpace can help meetings, sessions, and social gatherings feel more collaborative, more personal, and more engaging than they do when using traditional video conferencing technology. We’re excited for the evolution of online education and are thrilled to be part of the movement to make it better than before. To learn more about InSpace connect with us at